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We design and integrate complete robotic work cells including conveyor systems as well as the end-of-arm grippers. Our solutions offer a wide range of robot sizes and grippers to meet your operation needs. From your repetitive tasks to your labor-intensive operations, we can help empower your business with systems that add value, save cost and provide a good return on your investment.

Our portfolio of projects includes a variety of robotics, automation of palletizing, material handling, wood work, packaging and similar applications.

DW Robotics and Technologies - innovative automation solutions

Custom Turnkey Solutions

Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of our customers and improve your manufacturing processing operations. We turn your automation needs from concept to solution, as easy as plug-and-play or integrating our technology to your already existing machinery providing increased efficiency and throughput.

DW Robotics and Technologies - innovative automation solutions

Machine Vision

What is machine vision? To put it simply, machine vision technology gives industrial equipment the ability to “see” what it is doing and make decisions based on what it sees.

Our machine vision solutions include applications such as, but not limited to, visual inspection (absence or presence of a product) and defect detection, positioning and measuring parts, identifying, code reading, sorting, and tracking products. We assist your business to reduce production costs, optimize logistic operations and improve productivity and product quality at high speed and precision.

DW Robotics and Technologies - innovative automation solutions